LE HKSI Paper 1,2,3,5,6,7,8,9,11,12 Private Tutorial Services

HKSI LE Private Tutorial Services

Private Tutorial Services cater to candidates taking HKSI LE Paper 1, LE Paper 2, LE Paper 3, LE Paper 5, LE Paper 6, LE Paper 7, LE Paper 8, LE Paper 9, LE Paper 11, LE Paper 12 examination. Its a flexible, no-frills and exam oriented solution for the HKSI LE examination hosted by the Hong Kong Securities and Investment Institute.

HKSI LE Tutor Private Tutorial Subjects

LE Paper 1 Fundamentals of Securities and Futures Regulation
LE Paper 2 Regulation of Securities
LE Paper 3 Fundamentals of Securities and Futures Regulation
LE Paper 5 Regulation of Corporate Finance
LE Paper 6 Regulation of Asset Management
LE Paper 7 Financial Markets
LE Paper 8 Securities
LE Paper 9 Derivatives
LE Paper 11 Corporate Finance
LE Paper 12 Asset Management

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